Are Happy To Officially Become The Wife Of Acclaimed Rapper Kanye Westb

Reality show star, aged 33 years, Kim Kardashian, are happy to officially become the wife of acclaimed rapper, Kanye West.

As a sense of proud, star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians reveals why his marriage with Kanye West was finally able to run seamlessly. As reported by Female First, as a couple, Kanye West always make Kim happy.

he makes me feel like a woman completely every day. He benarenar the most mendukungku. We always have a very good bersamaama!

Kanye always says, lets treat each other like this. Like a birthday every day.

Kim baruaru was joined to accompany her husband to fly to Australia to join a tour of music Kanye WestTour Yeezus. Kim went by bringing a heart fruit still aged 14 months North West.

North West is the Participation for the first time. And it is rumored that little enchanted, the Princess saw the appearance of his father for the first time. At that time, Kanye West performed at the music arena, in Perth.

Kim explained, I take it out on the first show when we landed here in Australia, to watch from the side.

this is the first time he watched his father. He was blown away! Kim

do feel very happy after he finally officially became the legitimate wife of Kanye West. He even did not want to wait too long to have the child returned from Kanye West.

I have so many brothers and I loved it, they are my best friends, I also like to anaknak like that with me.

I do not think have six children. But three, maybe four, he said.

Lton Is Very Fond Of Dogs Women Aged Years It Even Has A Number Of Pet

Its no secret that artist and socialite, Paris Hilton is very fond of dogs. Women aged 33 years it even has a number of pet dogs is hilarious.

this baruaru, however, he bought a dog for Rp154 million. Not just any dog purchased in Paris, but the worlds smallest Pomeranian dog.

As reported by Female First, the adorable dog he can through a sellers famous dog Teacup Yorkies or Bettys which is also dubbed with Mr. Amazing. It was confirmed through the official website of Mr. Amazing where the sale of the Paris Hiton name dogs, emerged as the buyer of dogs was 4.5 months.

dog with the 2.5 inches high with the soon to be departed from where penampungannya in Calgary, Canada to Paris home in Los Angeles. No tanggunganggung, worlds smallest Pomeranian dogs also patrolled along the designated private caregiver oeh Paris travel greetings.

Joy has new dog Paris revealing her personal Twitter through me that reads, I love it. The sweetest thing in the world. Love my new pet!

is not yet known who the dogs name. Currently Paris is still the recommended name by memilihilih followers on Twitter.

Elia After Her Husband Ferry Setiawan Was Sentenced To Five Years In Priso

Artist Eddies of sudden became a closed figure Adelia after her husband, Ferry Setiawan was sentenced to five years in prison by the verdict of the South Jakarta District Court, 9 September.

While performing in a hijab tutorial Beauty Hijab by April, Jasmine and Makeup Class by Paula Meliana in Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday, September 13, 2014, Eddies were trying to shy away from pursuit of media. After the event is completed, he immediately disappears.

Not just Eddies, in the event that also present Oxcel young jasmine. Oxcel young also face the same problem. Her husband, Mr. Thunder Earth has also been previously declared guilty of fraud cases impersonate treatment. The South Jakarta District Court last September 10, convicting Thunder Earth with a 6month prison sentence.

Oxcel young for this, also became a spotlight and become protected media. However, when present in the same event with Eddies, Oxcel young also disappeared. Whereas, previously, it had appeared that his belly protruding with singing because a pregnant middle aged.

When asked about her pregnancy, Oxcel young also silent. Moreover, when asked about her husbands twisted case. Oxcel young straight away and exits via a lift.

as a friend and also a host at the ceremony, April also valued his two conditions. In fact he was grateful to two companions could be headscarves to attend in the event the tutorial. April still give support to Oxcel young and Eddies.

I just want to thank as their best friend, I want to present here, said April.

Life With Hits Flying Without Wings Was Busy With Activity Masingasing Sha

After 2012, the members of disbanded boyband Westlife with hits Flying Without Wings was busy with activity masingasing. Shane Filan, for instance, this weekend was busy rolling out a concert in Indonesia.

Shane is rumored to be held a concert tonight, Saturday, September 13, 2014 in Jakarta. According to promoters, Helmi Sugara, Shane has arrived in Jakarta and is ready to entertain the fans.

Shane Filan was already in Indonesia, have until Friday night in Jakarta. She seemed glad to wear Batik shirt Green gift to fans, said Helmi in his message sent on email VIVAlife.

a night later, further Helmi, Shane is ready to perform in the concert You Inline image 2 ampamp ME Tour Live in 2014 in Upperroom Jakarta Annex Building Thamrin, Jakarta at 20 00 GMT.

laguagu Hitsya Addition will bring on the album You ampamp Me, Shane Filan will also Let it Be a rendition of The Beatles with his new arrangement.

Shane also promised to sing all the laguagu Hits where he first joined Westlife, bright Helmi
is not the first time Shane comes to Indonesia. Earlier in 2013 and then he came himself to promote his solo single, Everything To me. Everything To Me when it became a solo single that was written by Shane himself.
rhythmic Song merrily with the strains of banjo and ukulele this sounds very different to laguagu Westlife he ever bring. According to him, he is very happy with the rhythms of pop and positive lyrics.